How Landlords can Help End Veteran Homelessness

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How Landlords can Help End Veteran Homelessness

DYK - There are 40,000 homeless veterans in America on any given night?

And thirteen percent of homeless adults in the U.S. have served in the military—that's a significant number, given that Veterans represent just 7 percent of the overall population.

The Veterans Affairs (VA) and its partners are working diligently to end Veteran homelessness, and you can help.

If you have a rental property, consider participating in a program that has helped tens of thousands of Veterans and their families overcome the challenges of homelessness.


Benefits for Landlords:

1. Guaranteed income: See reliable monthly rental payments through the local housing authority and fair market rent on your property.

2. A say in security deposits: Set your own amount based on local standards.

3. Annual property recertification: Third-party inspections help to maintain quality.

4. Benefit of VA services: Ongoing case management provides a safety net for tenants and lowers default risks.

5. A chance to honor those who served: HUDVASH landlords are part of the solution to ending
homelessness among Veterans.



The HUD - Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program is a collaborative effort among the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the VA, and local public housing authorities.

Under HUD-VASH (VA Supportive Housing), eligible low-income Veterans receive a Section 8 rental voucher plus case management and supportive services from VA.


Take the first step by contacting your local public housing authority to fill out the required paperwork, secure a spot on a list of approved HUD-VASH properties, and find out more about the HUD-VASH program.


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