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Duke Cannon - Shamrock THICK - Wicked Minty Body Wash

Duke Cannon - Shamrock THICK - Wicked Minty Body Wash

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"Aye! Nothin' signals the comin' o' spring like a limited-edition body wash," said no one ever, but that didn't stop us from launching Shamrock THICK.

Experience the pride of Dublin and creamy, deliciously minty and, to be clear - non-edible bottle full o’luck! 

Product Specs of This Real Product:

- Packed with rich, gaelic lather

- THICK has a 3x thicker viscosity and Shamrock THICK is even thicker

- Wicked minty scent is actually good

- 17.5 oz. bottle will last longer than a keg of green beer

There once was a body wash so watered down With an unbearable scent - smelled all over town. Grown men who once used it, Now simply refuse it Convinced it was meant for a clown.

Made in United States of America

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