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Men's Grooming - Duke Cannon - Proper Cologne

Men's Grooming - Duke Cannon - Proper Cologne

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Duke Cannon Proper Colognes

Inspired by nature, Proper Cologne™

Sawtooth is a woodsy blend of fresh air, dense cedar, & raw amber. Smells like exploring the open skies above densely forested terrain. Does not smell like hiking up the steps of a parking garage in El Paso.

Profile: Woodsy, light, bright, and airy

Seneca is an aquatic blend of bergamot, neroli blossom, & smooth cashmere woods. Smells like venturing outdoors after a fresh rainfall. Does not smell like the hot tub at the O'Hare Best Western.

Profile: Aquatic foundation with some rich earthy and woodsy notes

Lincoln is a fresh, yet nostalgic, scent that blends notes of leather and oakmoss with a hint of mandarin. Smells like sitting in a well-worn, tufted leather chair at the local barber shop, not a ripped fabric couch in the basement of a fraternity house.

Profile: Marine green camp that is fresh, yet somehow nostalgic

Size: 1.7 FL OZ
Made in United States of America

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